Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:54 pm

Modern neckwear gets a design twist from DSU students


If you feel like there’s not enough emphasis on custom, quality neckwear in the fashion industry today, then know a group of Dixie State University students know how you feel and have come up with a solution. 

Accidental Gentleman is a new company started by students at DSU that specializes in custom, screen printed neckties. Since its birth last fall, it won first place at the Dixie State University Opportunity Quest competition for startup companies, was a top 20 finalist in the 2015 Utah Entrepreneur Challenge, and the company Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded by donors around the world and highlighted on the website as a staff pick.

Before all of this, Accidental Gentleman was just an idea between two brothers. 

Garett Garcia, a junior business major from St. George, and his twin brother Jeremy, a sophomore art major, were taking a business class together when Garett approached Jeremy with his idea for screen printed ties. 

Jeremy Garcia had been interested in screen printing since he was a teenager, and he said this business was a way to combine his hobbies and his experience with his brother’s. He said this is an important part of the success of their company, or any company. 

“Do something that you’re passionate about,” Jeremy said. “We are striving to be the best … That’s a huge drive for us.”

The brothers also recruited two more friends, Miles Manwaring, a senior art major from St. George, and Chris Nasshan to be a part of the company. 

Their education at DSU has played an important role in how they operate in their company. 

Manwaring works as the graphic design manager for Accidental Gentleman and said his experience doing the graphic design for the Dixie State University Student Association and other advertising design jobs have been beneficial for the company.

“I’ve been interested in graphic design and screen printing for a long time now, and at Dixie State, I’ve been lucky enough with classes to be able to develop my skills in both of those areas,” Manwaring said. “With the education and real-world experience I’ve gained here at Dixie State, it’s had a huge impact on me and the direction that we’ll be going with Accidental Gentleman.”

Jeremy Garcia said another big influence was Eric Pedersen, the science and technology dean, who encouraged them from the beginning.

“He’s very encouraging of entrepreneurship and very excited about it,” Jeremy Garcia said. “He really kind of lit a fire in us to try this out.” 

Currently the entrepreneurs are working on making a shop to increase production of their ties. Jeremy Garcia said they’ll have a full ecommerce site for taking orders as well. 

They have many designs already created and ready to print, some of which were collaborations with other artists. Jeremy Garcia said the exciting part for him is the custom work. 

“We can print just about anything people bring to us,” he said. 

So for those interested in having their idea printed on a tie, Accidental Gentleman is here to make it possible.