Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:54 pm

New deadline forces students to drop earlier


Early-semester procrastination will be more difficult for Dixie State University students starting in the 2015-16 academic year: The deadline to pay tuition to avoid being dropped from classes will now be one week before classes start.

Prior to the change, students had until the semester’s third week to make payments and remain in classes. David Roos, enrollment services executive director, said the new policies will improve student retention and influence course availability positively.

Roos said a large challenge at DSU is making sure students can take the courses they need; people often enroll in classes for fall but make plans during the summer and decide they won’t attend DSU — thus straining current students’ schedules.

Now, those who don’t plan on returning will be dropped by Aug. 17, freeing up space in classes, Roos said.

Roos said other reasons include bolstering student retention, motivating students to plan schedules quicker and having drop dates that compare closer to other Utah universities.

“Moving the [drop] date will impact student retention and course availability,” according to the document “Proposed Changes — Tuition Changes & Purge Date.” “[Implementing these] dates in fall 2013 may have resulted in a 2 percent increase in freshman retention; 42 percent of students [dropped] did not re-enroll.”

In addition, students won’t be dropped if they have coordinated payment with the financial aid office, Roos said.

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