Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:54 pm

Time needed to put together women’s swim team


By the 2016-17 season, Dixie State University will be making a splash.

This may seem like a long ways a way, but this time is essential to create a quality team for DSU. 

New sports at Dixie do not require certain amount of time for recruiting before the team actually starts, but it is a courtesy to let the coach have enough time to create a good team, Athletic Director Jason Boothe said.

Many athletes in high school need time to decide whether or not they want to play a sport in college, and this allows them that time, Boothe said.

Other teams have also already made their meet schedules; this grace period makes things fairer for teams, players and coaches, Boothe said.

“It has been a lot more effective to give the coach time to get recruits, as well as two or four-year transfers,” Boothe said.

Most coaches on campus are part-time, so the process of hiring a new coach when there is a new sport announced is flexible. The athletic department hopes to have a women’s swimming coach announced by the end of April.

Women’s golf was the last sport that the athletic department announce. Before that was cross-country and women’s tennis.

Every coach who is hired is then in charge of finding recruits for his or her team. The coach will keep track of players and decide whether or not he or she wants to actively recruit that athlete to be a part of Dixie’s team, Boothe said.

Dixie State women’s head golf coach Rachel Harmon said the recruiting process is difficult.

“Finding the selling point of Dixie State and being a part of something new is the key,”  Harmon said. 

Finding the students and letting them know that Dixie is here and a good option for them is important, Harmon said. 

Funding is also essential for new sports. The athletic department gives each sport  a certain amount of money, and the coach and team members are responsible for the rest.

Harmon said fundraising helps a lot when starting up a new sport as well as support from athletes’ family, neighbors and sport enthusiasts. The money that is raised helps purchase equipment, uniforms, facilities and scholarships.

The golf team has been a part of Dixie for three years now, and Harmon said the success of the team really helps with the support of the community and the amount of funds that come in.

“With all new sports, the team must have support in order to secure the good athletes,” Harmon said.

The women’s swim team will need the same support to become successful, Boothe said . 

“The addition of a swimming team will hopefully be really successful in a community like St. George,” Boothe said.

Many of the local youth teams have good athletes that want to compete in a college setting, Boothe said.