Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:53 pm

Fit n’ Pretty: Fall ushers in top 5 beauty products


We’re approaching the season where ruby lipstick and endless shades of golden eye shadow are accepted, nay encouraged, and it’s time to dive right in.

I’m talking about the holiday season. Blame it on the craze of the pumpkin spice latte or all the glitzy holiday parties, but it’s the most glorious time for beauty products. This autumn I have tried out some of the most gabbed-about beauty items, and I have decided on my top five must-haves. 

Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizing Balm

Bobbi Brown products have a reputation for being unbeatable in the skin care department, so I wasn’t surprised after I put on this tinted moisturizer and fell madly in love. The balm provides a light-to-medium, dewy, natural coverage, but the best part is it quenches like no other product I have ever tried. When I take it off at the end of the day, my skin looks even healthier. If you have dry winter skin, this product is a necessity.

OK, now this the part where you sit down and do some breathing exercises; the product is $54. I know what you’re thinking: $54 could be a tank of gas or six trips to Cafe Rio, but this balm could boost your ego by 100 percent. Not to mention it has SPF 25 and anti-aging benefits that 43-year-old you is bound to be grateful for.

Nars Audacious Lipstick

All summer I day dreamed about the crimson lipstick I could wear come fall. I knew I had to try the Nars products after hearing Taylor Swift sing the praises of the lipstick. (I mean, come on, have you seen T-Swift’s possessive lips these days?) I bought the Audacious Lipstick in shade Vera, which is a “bright raspberry,” according to the website.

I’m officially obsessed. The lipstick is smooth and bold, and it literally stays in place all day. I prefer this lipstick to cheaper brands I’ve tried, like Revlon or Lorac, because it wears longer and doesn’t smudge easily. Plus, the color is luxe, and it doesn’t dry out my sensitive winter lips. 

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

My skin has a mild meltdown every winter. My dermatologist recommended Cetaphil  to combat the treacherous winter months, and that itself was a Christmas miracle. Cetaphil is ideal for anyone with dry or sensitive skin since it’s fragrance-free and formulated for deep hydration. I apply it every night and every morning before I put my makeup on, and it provides me with intense moisture without being oily.

This cream is a must have because, as my grandma would say, beauty starts with healthy skin. 

Lush Bath Bomb

Let’s talk about baths. Baths are awesome. If you don’t have a bath or can’t fit into one, like several large men I know, I sincerely apologize. Lush Bath Bombs take an average bath and boost it to a spa-like, scented bath of wonder. They fizzle into the water releasing all-natural scents, nourishing oils, exfoliates and add color. 

I’m all about the Lush products because they are all natural, homemade and improve skin health. The bath bombs will help you enjoy the bath even more than usual, resulting in a better relaxation, giving a better relaxation glow.

Naked Eye Shadow Palette

I was eyeing the Naked Eyeshadow pallet by Urban Decay at Ulta for weeks. I would walk back and forth in front of the product, occasionally testing some of the beautiful bronze and gold shades on the back of my hand. Finally I caved and bought the pallet, and it changed my life. The palette comes with 12 different shades of delicious golds, browns, creams, and, you know, all the fall basics. 

Except these shades are all but basic. They are shimmery and amp up any smokey eye. I use this palette daily, and I love it because it has shades for all occasions, from breakfast with grandpa to New Years Eve in Las Vegas.

These products are tried and true and are going to help get you through even the worst holiday parties while looking like a boss.