Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:53 pm

Head 2 Head: Students seeking universal tech experiences choose Apple


I did it. I splurged on a sexy 27-inch iMac as an early birthday present.

And I have no regrets.

Apple products work well for students because of the easy-to-use and well-designed interface and wonderful information technology support. Plus, the products are ridiculously good-looking.

Dixie State University has classrooms on campus outfitted with iMacs. In my digital design classes, I appreciate how easy it is to use the iMac computers. I feel the screens display color and the graphics with clarity. 

Those who work with iMac computers appreciate specific features that aid in ease of use. According to, a graphic design website, the ability to drag images from a web browser and dropping into a design program is a time saver. 

The software of an Apple product is simple to maneuver. When turning on a new iPhone, you are greeted, asked a couple of questions, and then you are ready to roll. 

Ever since my first iPod, I have named all of my Apple products Margot. I now have a Margot iPhone, a Margot iPad and now a Margot iMac. A very convenient feature that helps me out as a student is that all of the Margots easily transfer my information between devices via the iCloud.

Apple has a superb IT support system that I have personally experienced. I was able to email a representative with my concerns, and I received a reply back in less than 24 hours. Vanessa the Apple representative helped me. Her message was easy to understand and personable. We quickly solved the problem.

Being able to email on one’s own time helps out with a busy schedule, which students tend to have. I didn’t have to set aside an hour or so in my day to wait around and get frustrated with a phone call. 

As students, we are generally on a budget. When we decide to spend some cash on a more expensive product, we had better really be into it. Apple products might cost more, but I know I am happy with my purchases because they look so darn good. 

Apple is known for its clean and thoughtful designs, which are based on concept of minimalism, according to Smashing Magazine. 

When I have spent a little more money on an item, I value it more and take care of it. In turn, my products last longer.

There are also a slew of cases and decorations that one can customize an iPhone or an iPad with. While in school, an iPhone with a fancy case is a little luxury that is affordable and that I also appreciate.