Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:53 pm

DSU athletes maintain highest GPA since 2006


Student-athletes at Dixie State University recorded the highest cumulative grade point average since 2006 during the 2014 spring semester.

The DSU athletic department released the names of 57 student-athletes who were awarded for their academic success. These students  maintained a GPA of 3.8 or higher while participating in their respective sports.

“They are being recognized for an amazing achievement,” DSU Athletic Director Jason Boothe said. “To maintain a high GPA and play college athletics is no small task.”

The cumulative GPA for student-athletes in the 2014 spring semester was 3.17 and 3.2 for the year.

“It has been a slow process to build the resources,” Boothe said. “A few years ago, we added an academic adviser just for athletics who helps the students get in the right classes so they can graduate.”

DSU has many resources for all students, including student-athletes, to get the help they need like academic advisers, the First-Year Experience Classes for freshmen, and the study hall for student-athletes. 

A big emphasis of the athletic department is not only helping the student-athletes, but recruiting athletes who are willing to work academically as well.

“We have to recruit the right student-athletes,” Boothe said. “Just because someone is a great basketball, football or baseball player does not mean they are going to be a great fit here. If they are going to be marginal in the classroom, then it leaves a big question mark as to if they’re going to be eligible to play.”

It is evident that DSU’s student-athletes are doing well in the classroom with the GPA figures improving from an averaging a 2.9 GPA to now over 3.0, Boothe said.

“It felt great to get recognized,” said basketball player Jordan Rex, a senior criminal justice major from St. George. “School is such a major part of why we are here at Dixie. The key is finding a common balance of school work and your training.”

The DSU student-athlete handbook states the requirements for the athletes to remain eligible:

  • Register for a minimum of 12 credits of academic work and not drop below that number at any time during the semester.

  • Be a student in good academic standing, which is accomplished by maintaining a 2.0 grade point average (DSU and overall)

  • Make satisfactory progress toward their designated degree by passing 24 units per academic year that directly apply to satisfying the General Education, core and/or support requirements of their major course of study. No more than six of the required 24 credits may be earned during the summer semester.

“Student-athletes need to make sure they ask for help when they need it,” Boothe said. “Many of them are too afraid or don’t know who to ask. We want to make them all feel welcome and that we are here for them.”