Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:53 pm

This month with the president: Morgan says farewell to DSU


As spring semester comes to a close, Student Body President Carlos Morgan is leaving behind not only his position, but also a big part of his life.

Morgan, a senior communication major from Santa Clara, has been busy with the stresses of graduating and tying up the loose ends of his reign. He said he’s glad to be finished, but it is bittersweet to leave it all behind.

“I’m glad to be done, obviously,” Morgan said. “It’s good to not have as much on my plate anymore … At the same time, it’s been a big part of my life.”

One of Morgan’s favorite things about the Dixie State University Student Association was being able to participate in the retreats and seeing the turnout at large events like Dixie Fest, Homecoming and D-Week.

“[The retreats] are something that helped student government a lot,” he said. “It helped us come together and feel more unified and more comfortable around each other. Planning for [the concert] was a big pain, but seeing it come together was fun.”

Although Morgan accomplished many tasks, some were put on hold. One of the initiatives included in his platform was going out and getting students’ opinion on all of the activities, events and decisions happening on campus and with DSUSA.

“We got some (helpful student opinion), but we realized it’s hard,” he said. “It’s not realistic. Maybe the next president can do it better than I did, but it was something that I said, ‘OK, let’s put this aside and work on some other stuff.’”

Although it’s up to the next student body president, Gregory J. Layton, to continue the “We Are Dixie” signs in the community, Morgan said he is going to get as much of it finished as he can before he leaves. He said he hopes that helped gain momentum and makes St. George feel more like a college town.

While the new members of the executive council are preparing for next year, Morgan is winding down his initiatives. Some tasks are left on his to-do list, including finishing the “We Are Dixie” signs, looking into the Wi-Fi situation, checking up on the Red Rock Café remodel, talking to the SunTran about providing a student discount, organizing closing social events for student government, and writing a president handbook for the new student body president.

“I don’t feel very worried about next year,” he said. “Greg knows what he’s doing because he was my VP of academics. He’s been with me to lots of different meetings.”

Now that he is on the precipice of graduation, Morgan said this position has prepared him for many aspects of life ahead. Although he doesn’t know exactly what he’s going to do, he knows he wants to be in some sort of leadership position.

“It’s not like a power-hungry thing, but I like being in a place where the important decisions are going to be made,” he said. “Whatever I am going to be doing, I feel like I can do those things that you can’t get by doing anything other than student government.”

To the new executive council and student body, Morgan cautioned that time goes by fast.

“Realize that you don’t have a lot of time to do a lot of things,” Morgan said. “Not everything is going to play out how you thought it would … You get dealt a hand of cards, and you do what you can with your hand … Expect that some things will work out and some things won’t. It will go by fast, so enjoy it, serve the students (and) have a good time. You know, all the stupid, cliché things.”