Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:53 pm

Students share their opinions on selfies


Question: When is it OK to take a selfie?

Sariah Romney, a sophomore nursing major from Duck Creek Village, said:  “It’s a free world. People can do what they want. Everyone talks about whether they should or shouldn’t take selfies too much. It’s just a picture. I think it’s fine.”

Mikey Nelson, a senior communication major from St. George, said: “I don’t think dudes should take selfies. Girls are always allowed to take selfies in the bathroom because they know how to make it look good so it’s not like a Proactiv commercial.”

Whittney Kesterson, a senior integrated studies major from Mountain View, Wyo., said: “It’s OK to take selfies. I usually take selfies when I’m really dressed up or when I actually do something with my appearance.”

Josh Ford, a freshman general education major from St. George, said: “It depends on why they’re taking it. If it’s to take one for the sake of taking one, then it’s wrong. Just keep it regulated.”