Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:53 pm

ROTC basketball tournament starts, suffers through fundraiser beginnings


“The Heroes Basketball Tournament” for the Reserve Officers’ Training Corp 3-on-3 basketball fundraiser came and went Saturday without much funds raised, but there was a good time had by a few students.

The team known as the “Other Team,” made up of Dixie State University students Randan Woods, Logan Pfau and Taylor Yates, was the winner of the four-team tournament and went away with a lot of leftover prizes, including hoodies, T-shirts and free gym passes.

“We didn’t get the turnout that we hoped for,” said Braden White, a sophomore engineering major from St. George. “But it was really fun for the ROTC cadets.”

Turnout for the event was not up to the ROTC’s original expectation, but it plans to do it again next year, with a few tweaks. 

“We found out like two days before the tournament that the college has rules against non-college students playing in the old gym,” White said. “We plan on doing the same thing next year, but we will probably do it at the Washington City Community Center.”

Advertising is another aspect that the ROTC plans to do better on next year.

“We just needed a bigger push on advertising within the community and on the campus,” said Russell Peacock, a senior integrated studies major from Enterprise. “Canyon Media really helped us advertise on the radio, but we want to focus on campus more next year.”

The tournament was a part of the ROTC’s annual fundraiser as a way to raise money for the local ROTC chapter. While the 3-on-3 tournament was a lackluster money maker, the results for the ROTC car wash lifted spirits.

“The car wash on Thursday was way successful,” White said. “I don’t know how much we made, but it was by donation, and we were really busy for more than two and a half hours.” 

Funds raised for the ROTC this year will go toward the ROTC lab events and the awards banquet.