Last Updated: January 2, 2018, 7:21 pm

Permanent Big Dee replacement needed


    Dixie State University staff members are looking for a new individual to be DSU’s mascot, Big Dee, after the previous individual had to quit due to personal issues. 

    The student under the furry helmet is held to the same standards as student athletes. Among running around at games and getting the crowd pumped, Big Dee must also maintain his or her grade point average and attend classes regularly. Community Engagement Coordinator Derek Dawes said the previous individual as the mascot had some personal challenges arise during the semester and wasn’t able to be the mascot anymore.

    “[Academics] is one of the biggest things,” Dawes said. “We want them to succeed, and if being the mascot takes away from their schoolwork and they can’t handle it, we don’t want to put them in a bad situation.”

    Dawes said he has found replacements who will fill in for the rest of basketball season. 

    Miranda Sheffield, a junior communication major from Kaysville, has four years of experience on the dance team that works next to Big Dee. She said the individual shouldn’t be afraid to get involved with the audience and make some noise. 

    “He has performed silly timeouts with us, helped raise excitement at the games, and added a memorable face that stands for Dixie pride,” Sheffield said. 

    Dawes agreed that a mascot with Dixie pride is important. 

    “We look for someone who likes Dixie, enjoys being here, and wants to spread [his or her] cheer to other people,” Dawes said.

    Big Dee also receives a scholarship. Dawes said mascots from the years past have all held the position for at least a year, and this is the first time a student had to leave in the middle of the semester.

    “It’s not for everybody,” he said.

    Students interested in trying out for Big Dee can call Dawes at 435-879-4295 to set up an interview. Previous mascot or cheer experience is preferred but not required, and all applicants are required to be students.