Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:52 pm

Student stands out with easygoing fashion


When you see a stylish person on campus, it’s easy to develop a case of closet envy.

One stylish student causing such envy on Dixie State University’s campus is Haleigh Lovegrove, a sophomore nursing major from Sandy. Lovegrove is always wearing clothes that reflect her laid-back, outgoing and girly personality.

Lovegrove’s closet includes a little bit of everything, from bohemian to preppy — she has it all. She isn’t afraid to mix and match pieces from various styles, either. 

Lovegrove likes to wear loose tank tops underneath unbuttoned shirts, comfortable leggings and boots.

Lovegrove also often wears beanies, which are convenient when getting ready in a hurry.

“If you can rock a hat or beanie, do it,” Lovegrove said. “It covers a bad hair day and is a quick and easy accessory to throw on.”

Additionally, Lovegrove is into the new ring trend, which is wearing thin band rings in various places on your fingers. She also loves wearing long necklaces, layered bracelets and watches.

Lovegrove describes her style as cute, girly and comfy. When it comes to choosing clothes, she believes comfort is key.

“I would choose loose and comfy clothes over anything any day,” Lovegrove said. “Leggings are my go-to; I can always dress them up and feel comfy.”

Lovegrove said she chooses what to wear for the day based on how she is feeling when she wakes up in the morning.

“If I’m up early and feeling lazy, then it’s a sweats day,” Lovegrove said. “If there’s someone I’m wanting to impress or if I want to feel good about myself, I dress up.”

Dressing up doesn’t necessarily have to be uncomfortable, either. Lovegrove said it’s easy to dress up a pair of comfy leggings with a cute top and a pair of boots.

Don’t worry if you want to mix brown with black, Lovegrove said. Despite what others may think, the colors do actually go well together.

“I love the brown and black color scheme,” Lovegrove said. “Leggings and brown boots are the perfect combination.”

Brown boots are one of Lovegrove’s must-haves. She said a good pair of boots is an essential wardrobe piece every woman should have. Finding a pair of boots you love may be a battle, but shopping isn’t such a pain when you use the Internet to assist with your shopping needs. Lovegrove said she relies on Pinterest to help her make her style choices.

“I find outfits I like on Pinterest and piece them together,” Lovegrove said. “I do a lot of online shopping.”

Using Pinterest to find clothing can be fun, especially when it links to undiscovered websites. Lovegrove said if she finds cute clothes on these websites, she will purchase them regardless of what brand they are. However, she said she has most frequently found that she can always make a fashion find at Forever 21, H&M, Nordstrom, American Eagle and Francesca’s.

Lovegrove said she doesn’t have one specific style icon because she doesn’t just fit into one style category. Instead, Lovegrove gets her fashion inspiration when she’s out and about and from people on social media.

“My style icons are people I see on the streets wearing cute, creative outfits,” Lovegrove said. “I find people on Instagram and Pinterest that wear cute outfits, and I keep those in mind when I’m shopping.”

When it comes to trying out different style trends, Lovegrove encourages to take risks and have fun with clothing options. 

“I like to put together outfits that don’t match,” Lovegrove said. “That seems to be the style these days.” 

Lovegrove said, overall, clothes are a way of showing other people who she is. 

“People can see what I’m wearing and get a feel for who I am as a person,” Lovegrove said. “I don’t wear way flashy clothes. I wear clothes that cover me up. I think clothes can show your morals.”