Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:52 pm

Pinterest Project: Mini s’mores mimic fun campfire experience


Sweet happiness comes in many shapes and sizes, especially in these bite-sized s’mores.

I found the novelty of this Pinterest project was less about the s’mores and more about the activity itself. It easily creates a campfire-like atmosphere while you pretend to be cooking in the great outdoors. Mini s’mores would be the perfect sweet touch at the end of a birthday party or a movie night with friends.

What made the mini s’mores successful was how surprisingly inexpensive they are to make. I found all of the supplies at Wal-Mart for $12. From there, kids and adults alike know exactly how they like their s’mores and will help themselves to the fun.

Be sure to be careful around the candle flame. You might get your fingers a little too close to the flame or accidentally knock it over. A high, flat surface would be the safest place for this activity.

Step 1: As in any s’more-making adventure, you’ll need your basic s’more-constructing tools: mini marshmallows, graham crackers (any brand you’d like), chocolate you can break into small squares, toothpicks, a lighter, and small, unscented candles.

Let me repeat: unscented candles. You might have some interesting tasting marshmallows if your candle smells like “Pine Forest After Rain in the Spring.”

Step 2: Place up to three marshmallows on the toothpick. Set aside the graham crackers and chocolate pieces ready to be sandwiched with the marshmallow. Tip: buy chocolate that is thin and breakable. The chocolate I used was like a brick. I had to hold the chocolate over the flame for a minute or two to make it soft for the finished s’more.

Step 3: Roast the marshmallows to your liking. The flat surface will come in handy when you squeeze the marshmallows off the toothpick between the chocolate and two graham crackers.

Step 4: Marvel at your adorable creation, eat up and repeat.