Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:52 pm

Scatterball provides optional winter exercise


Scatterball is a chance to play a free-for-all, fast-paced, dodgeball-style game with a chance for revenge and redemption.

There’s something exciting for anyone looking for some exercise when playing the game of scatterball, especially during the winter.

If you are looking for something to do outside of the normal slate of sporting activities, scatterball and killball are the games for you.

“(Scatterball) is probably one of the best games I’ve ever played,” said Tason Turek, a senior biology major from St. George. “It’s super fast-paced, and I love it. If you’re not quick, you die.”

Obviously, you’re not going to really die, but you might get hit by a dodgeball and have to sit down until you get the chance to revive yourself.

Students can play scatterball by having six foam balls and a gym to play in. Players begin by standing in a circle while someone counts down and yells, “Scatterball.” There can be as many players as necessary, but the more people there are, the better.

“Besides being indoors, (scatterball) keeps you more active, and there’s not really much to it,” said Trevor Thompson, a St. George local. “It’s something fun to do.”

During the game, anyone can pick up a ball but cannot move with it. If a player is hit or someone catches the ball the player throws, that player is out and sits where he or she was hit or caught out.

Thompson said he likes scatterball because there aren’t many rules. He said it’s good for winter because the players are running but don’t have to be outside.

A player can get back into the game if it hits another player who is still standing and is not out. The players who are still in the game can have a player sitting hold their ball so they can move around, and the player sitting is not allowed to throw it at anyone.

“I like the whole dodgeball theme and being a one-man team,” Turek said. “There’s kind of more glory for you when you win at the end.”

If students can’t find or don’t have six foam balls, there is another game that only requires one ball: killball.

“(Killball) is like lightning,” Thompson said. “You try to get everyone out with the one ball. Once everyone is out, you win the game.”

In killball, the players don’t sit down; they stand off to the side, and when the player who gets them out is hit or caught out, the player gets to come back in.

“(The best parts are) dodging balls, jumping, sprinting and hitting people in the face; that’s always a fun one,” Turek said.

Even though it might be cold enough weather to make students not want to play games outside, there are plenty of things to do indoors besides scatterball or killball.

There are plenty of other activities that students can play.

Futsol – It is essentially indoor soccer without boundaries and played in either shoes or just socks. It is played in any gym around St. George.

Wave – A hide-and-seek type game where one person is it and when someone is caught, someone who has not been caught can save them by simply waving at them in the “prison.”

Pioneer Ball – A simpler version of volleyball. There needs to be two teams of three or four players. The players throw the ball over a volleyball net and can pass to teammates, but only three people can touch the ball on a given side before the ball has to cross the net again.