Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:51 pm

Students want What Students Want Expo


Expos are not uncommon in St. George, but there is not one that caters to one of the bigger demographics of the area.

You’ve heard of the What Women Want Expo and the What Seniors Want Expo. There is the Gun Show, and they even have an expo for the Marathon Local businesses participate in the Dickens Festival, which is more or less an expo as well. Don’t you want one focused on students? 

Aren’t we, as students, one of the major demographics in the area? There are about 10,000 students at Dixie State University. Students at local high schools might also be interested. Is that enough students? I think so.

Right now you may be thinking, “Wait, what would they even have at a student-focused expo?”  

The options are endless.  

Wouldn’t you be interested in an expo that has booths set up to offer scholarships?  It would also be a great opportunity for businesses to offer internships and part-time positions. Stores could promote products students need as well.

The Campus Bookstore could set up a booth to offer exclusive deals. Computer resellers could go and offer special student discounts. Retailers could sell notebooks, printers, backpacks and even No. 2 pencils.

Speakers could range from corporate CEOs to small business owners. DSU leaders could give advice on getting started in a career, what to get involved in while in college, and how best to plan for the future.

The university itself would have a great opportunity to promote campus activities, clubs and student organizations.

Clubs and student organizations could set up booths and talk to students to explain what they are all about and give them the chance to join. Everyone has interests, and if attendees had some way to find out about the clubs that match those interests, they would get involved. Why not give them that chance?  

Even though there is Club Rush at the beginning of the semester, this would be a great second chance for the students who couldn’t make it the first time around to find out more. 

I’m also sure there are plenty of businesses around that would love to get some interns for the upcoming semester or summer. What better place to try and recruit than a student expo? There are a lot of students who also will need the experience an internship provides when they graduate and start looking for careers.

For those not looking for careers yet, businesses could come and promote part-time positions to help supplement students’ income while going to school because, let’s face it, the college life can be expensive. It’d be a great help to students to have a one-stop place to find the perfect part-time position to have during the semester.

Students are the future, right? So why not give them the best opportunities to make it a bright future? Give them the place to find products, scholarships, internships, jobs and future careers. A student expo would be a great chance for that.