Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:51 pm

Field of Screams thrilling, well executed


It’s as though the actors get younger and better each fall at the Field of Screams, but that’s not the only way Staheli Family Farm has stepped up its game this year.

The family-owned farm has been in operation for years, and it holds fall and Halloween-themed attractions annually. The time that goes into setting up and coordinating the actors to work together behind the scenes seems immeasurable. The props and scenes in the Field of Screams are extremely creative and realistic, and there is always something new to the attraction.

Much like every typical haunted house, you begin in a room where a creepy butler-esque figure instructs you to enter and move forward. The actors hover behind you and direct you through the rest of the maze, making sure to creepily whisper in your ear and breathe heavily on your shoulder.

The actors

From young girls with creepy dolls to lanky kids making strange gurgling noises, the actors proved to be phenomenal. Some of my personal favorites were the clowns and, as always, the chainsaw guys. Others worth mentioning include a zombie gymnast and even the Queen of Hearts herself.

For the most part, the actors remain professional. Sometimes, though, an actor knows you outside of the attraction, and he or she says your name in an attempt to be more scary or funny, when, in fact, it jeopardizes the experience for you and those around you by them stepping out of character.

I have to hand it to the guy who was hanging on the wall, with the lower half of his corpse splattered on the ground below him. His performance and makeup were my favorite. The terrifying sounds he made and the way he hopelessly looked at you as you walked by was fantastic acting. The blood and guts looked very real.

The props

I don’t care how tough you think you are; the props and scenes in the Field of Screams will make anyone cringe in fright.

The Field of Screams is a relatively small attraction compared to the competition in Utah. However, the detail that goes into the props in each room throughout the maze reminds me of the props on many Disneyland rides. So much consideration and time goes into the creation of the Field of Screams. Each room is delicately created, and decked out with strobe lights, fake spider webs, tight spaces and much more.

Although I give the scenes, special effects and acting two thumbs up, each year I find myself asking, “What’s the point of the honking bus?” While it initially made me jump, it wasn’t scary at all. In fact, many agree it’s utterly obnoxious. I also don’t recommend the Field of Screams to anyone who may be sore or have a sprained ankle because the hidden mattresses on the ground and the large, rolling tubes can make you feel queasy and cause you to trip and fall. Be aware to follow the safety rules and contain yourself from running away from the actors, and always watch your step. 

The price

It may initially seem as though $12 for the Field of Screams is too much to pay, especially if you are a student. However, if you have Dixie Direct or a Starving Student Card, the prices are cut significantly. So if you plan on going and you want to keep it on the cheap side, remember to bring your coupons. 

Also, once you have your tickets, you’re allowed to join in on the honky-tonk activities that are strewn around the rest of the farm. The farm has a bonfire, a huge jumping pillow, petting zoo, corn slide, swings and much more. Whether you’re looking to get scared, spend family time, or go on a date, there is something for everyone at the Staheli Family Farm.