Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:51 pm

Centers on campus underutilized


   Student centers at Dixie State University are meant to be utilized, but students may not be taking full advantage of their resources.

   DSU centers aim to assist students and provide opportunities for success, but some students, faculty and staff members recognize students are not bestowing the opportunities.


The Writing Center


   The Writing Center, located on the fourth floor in the Holland Centennial Commons, offers free writing assistance to students. You can visit the writing center’s website at

   Tutors are available to provide face-to-face assistance with writing assignments. Students can utilize help with prewriting, APA and MLA resources, basic punctuation and spelling, and the overall writing process.

   Devin Corry, a writing center tutor and a junior English major from St. George, said many students are hesitant to get assistance with their writing assignments. This may be because they are intimidated about getting help from a peer, but everyone could benefit from extra help, and the writing center tutors are supportive.

   “We can help you at any stage in the writing process,” Corry said. “The tutors here are friendly, non-judgmental and understanding.”


The Tutoring Center


   The Tutoring Center, located in room 431 in the Holland Centennial Commons, offers free tutoring in math, science and other select general education courses. You can visit its website at

   The center offers drop-in tutoring, which allows students to receive face-to-face academic help without having to schedule an appointment.

   Tutoring Center Coordinator Rowena Thiess said the Tutoring Center is working on communicating with other departments to find out when exams will be held to help the center be better prepared for busy times.

   The Tutoring Center has need for more tutors to help students and relieve the problem of over crowding in the center. It is taking applications. 

   Applications can be found online and submitted electronically or can be taken to the Tutoring Center.

   Thiess said some students can be apprehensive about visiting the Tutoring Center because they are embarrassed about asking for assistance, but the tutors are understanding and willing to help.

   “Sometimes students just need to have something explained in a different way,” Thiess said.


The Health and 

Wellness Center


   Located at 34 N. 600 East, the Health and Wellness Center offers low-cost medical and mental health services to students, staff and faculty members.

   The center offers everything from allergy shots and STD testing, to therapy and counseling. Services generally cost $10 for students and $25 for staff and faculty members. Group health seminars are also provided by the HWC at 3 p.m. in the McDonald building.

   Office Manager Nicholle Alexander said the center is a great option for those who don’t have insurance because visits are significantly less expensive than other health care centers.

   “We’re here to help the students,” Alexander said. “It is easy and usually quick to get in.”

   The HWC organizes seven to nine events annually that help educate students on a variety of wellness topics. Ribbon Day will be held in October, which aims to create alcohol awareness. For more information on Ribbon Day and other events, visit its website at


The Disability Resource Center


   The Disability Resource Center, located in the North Plaza Building, provides students with disabilities opportunities to excel in their higher education.

   The center’s accommodations include sign language services, examination aid, adaptive equipment and other services that assist students with disabilities. You can visit its website at

   Students may not want to acknowledge they have a disability, or may not even understand what the center could offer, but the DRC is a tool that helps students be successful.

   “The students at DSU are great,” said Beverly Clark, an assistant at the DRC. “I’m amazed how much they want to succeed. Students should use the tools available to them and continue taking the next steps in their education.”