Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:51 pm

Letter to the Editor: Student makes suggestions for DSUSA


I was reading Payton Davis’ article in the Sept. 4 issue of the newspaper about DSUSA and social activities. I agree with him. I would like to make a few suggestions DSUSA can consider.

Instead of so many dances, why not have a stand-up/open mic night? It could be held in the Gardner Ballroom where students can purchase food at the Market and take it in.

There’s a business in town that isn’t exactly ideal, but it provides some decent food. By advertising around campus for something like this, it could become a tradition for those who want to debut their talents.

Another idea, academically speaking, would be a Comical Spelling Bee. With spelling going downhill over the years due to text messaging, this would be awesome to see who still knows how to spell without using Spell Check. A comic jokes about their skills and such, but its focus is academic. This could also be an annual event.

On a humorous scale, we could do a beauty pageant for men, but they have to dress in women’s clothing. Then they must attempt stuff that women have to do all the time, like sewing, hip shaking with high heels, posing, etc.

Desiree Chavez

Sophomore art major

St. George


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