Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:50 pm

Dixie’s university status: Evolution has already begun


Dixie has adopted a new name and status in what is said to be the most unforgettable time for the school and its students.

There can be an argument made that, yes, the logo has changed, we have new buildings on campus, and new minors programs were implemented. But does Dixie State University still feel the same as always? When will the true evolution of this school be apparent? I believe the evolution of Dixie has already begun.

The change to a university has sparked interest in many out-of-state students. While there is talk of tuition increase at DSU, out-of-state enrollment increases are still indefinite due to the fact that tuition is largely affordable to accommodate the incoming freshmen.

DSU is also attracting prospective students who may be behind in earning a degree or indecisive about their career goals. Until about three months ago, I fit into this category. I was living in New York City, I was lost and confused, and I couldn’t find the answers I was looking for. Talk of DSU’s transformation reached my ear, and I was instantly drawn to the notion of taking part in it.

A transformation, like the one DSU is undergoing, can be an attractive notion to someone seeking a place to transform themselves around their education. Prior to moving to St. George, I imagined the school going through drastic changes and was thrilled by the prospect of being a part of this exciting era.

I’ve observed a student government that has come a long way from an organization that was once disregarded and disrespected. Now the student government members have dramatically improved their conduct to bring DSU to a higher level. I am impressed by the way they strive to make students more involved with social activities. If we have a united student body, that alone is the best proof that we have become a true university. The dedicated minds and hearts of all members of DSU Student Association are going to set the standard for future members and committees.

Students have the opportunity to take advantage of their small class sizes to get some real interaction with their professors. It also opens up the door to do well and, in the long run, put one in the position for better career opportunities.

DSU has already been on a course to change the face and reputation of the school for many years. And those changes can be witnessed in the graduates DSU produces, the improvement of study programs and the push for a school with astounding school spirit.

Each of us has a different vision of our futures; we each have something different to contribute. And I think DSU is well on its way to providing that for everybody.