Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:50 pm

Letter to the Editor: Sorority will happen on campus


Indigo Klabanoff, president of Dixie State University’s up and coming Phi Beta Pi, has made the sorority’s primary and honorable missions to make annual alcohol and hazing training programs mandatory for all clubs, sports and Greek organizations.

She is also inviting local and university police to participate in their training. The sorority’s missions come at the right time and addresses a pervasive problem for this university. This vital mission will bring a long overdue solution to administrators, students and parents. Phi Beta Pi will produce a far reaching effect and legacy for future Dixie State University women.

I support the students’ right to have a sorority on campus. Phi Beta Pi should happen, and it will happen.

Varda Klabanoff

Community member