Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:50 pm

Women should not hold LDS priesthood


My name is Julia Bell. I’m a writer for Dixie Sun News, I’m a swimmer, I’m a Texan, I’m a sports fanatic and I’m a Mormon. 

There has been recent talks lately among some women who belong to The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about who should be allowed to hold the priesthood in the church. 

Since the church was founded in 1830, men have been the only members who can hold the priesthood. It is something that has been passed down from worthy priesthood holders for years. Each man who holds the priesthood must be worthy and fulfill the duties that come with the responsibility of being a worthy priesthood holder.

LDS members believe the priesthood is the eternal power and authority of God. According to the LDS church’s website, priesthood holders “can be authorized to preach the gospel, administer the ordinances of salvation, and govern the kingdom of God on the earth.”

While the women of the church are worthy and faithful members, the responsibility of the priesthood was put upon the men of the church, and that is where it needs to stay.

Gordon B. Hinckley, former President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said: “Women do not hold the priesthood because the Lord has put it that way. It is part of His program.”

Some will argue that the LDS religion lacks equality between men and women. To these people I say, you are wrong.

Women have big responsibilities in the church as well. They are expected to be worthy and raise a righteous family and serve in callings in their wards and stakes. 

“They [women] have their own organization,” Hinkley said. “It was started in 1842 by the Prophet Joseph Smith, called the Relief Society, because its initial purpose was to administer help to those in need. It has grown to be, I think, the largest women’s organization in the world.” 

To the women who support this priesthood-holding movement who say they are true believers of the doctrine of the church, you’re not.

Most LDS members believe men are the ones who should hold the priesthood. If you do not recognize this, you are not believing in the doctrine of the church you attend.

The reason these women are bringing this up is to ruffle the feathers of the church members and people who hate the LDS church. 

Some will say women not holding the priesthood gives the LDS church a bad image. In my mind, it does the exact opposite. The LDS church is known for being consistent, and church leaders are sticking to their guns during this controversy.

Women will not be holding the priesthood any time soon. In fact, they probably never will, unless the prophet of the church announces he has received revelation from God.

I am perfectly satisfied with the way the church is run and support the priesthood leaders who have been called by God to serve his children here on Earth.

To the women who feel like they need to hold the priesthood, you technically already do. Go home and hug your husband or dad for a while, and you’ll be holding the priesthood right in your arms.