Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:50 pm

Coaching practices questioned after Rutgers firing


Yelling, shoving, kicking, cursing and throwing basketballs at players are just some of the things Rutgers head basketball coach Mike Rice did during practices.

A video was publicly released on “Outside the Lines” on ESPN that showed Rice abusing his student athletes. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Many coaches in the past have been scrutinized and attacked for their physicality.

Tim Pernetti, the athletics director at Rutgers University, was fired after the videos were publicly released. He was responsible for the rehabilitation of coach Rice.

“[It’s a] tough call for the Athletic Director,” Dixie State University athletic director Jason Boothe said. “[Pernetti] couldn’t fire [Rice] like he says he wanted to in November per the advice of others above him.  Now, when the issue becomes more public, he loses his job.”

DSU has a great organization that knows how to handle things before they get out of hand.

“That is why it is so critical to address issues early, no matter how big or small they may seem, before letting them get too out of hand,” Boothe said.

Students at Dixie State University have stated their opinions about the videos and press conferences released.

“It was good to fire him,” said Jeremy Habibian, a freshman business major from Las Vegas. “No coach should ever treat his players like that. You want your coach to push you, but not like that.”

The physicality of the former Rutgers coach has brought a lot of bad light on Rutgers University and its leaders.

“I thought it was really cruel, and it was unusual punishment,” said Jordan Parker, a freshman biology major from Hurricane.

An article on recorded an NCAA spokesperson saying the “NCAA does not have any rule, regulation, or by-law which address the use of physical force in disciplining student-athletes during practices.” It continued to say that the consequences would be handled by the “member institutions.”

The video, shot by a former employee, Eric Murdock, has resulted in the firing of coach Rice, the resignation of assistant coach Jimmy Martelli, and the resignation of athletic director Tim Pernetti.

 Martelli was labeled as “Baby Rice” for his actions during practices that were similar to Rice. Speculation is that he resigned because of his actions.

Pernetti was informed by Murdock of Rice’s actions last summer. Pernetti suspended and fined Rice rather than firing him in November.