Last Updated: January 2, 2018, 7:19 pm

Applebee’s offers nightlife options


    The nightlife in St. George gets a little spicier and family oriented all at the same time.

    Applebee’s is a restaurant with more than 2,000 locations nationwide. It brings in customers with its neighborhood barbecue atmosphere but has been bringing in a different type of customer lately. At the St. George restaurant, on 156 S. River Road, Tuesdays and Thursdays are Karaoke and Bingo nights.

    Area Director Gary Ballman manages a huge portion of the Utah Applebee’s, and he said the whole company is trying to bring in the nightlife crew.

    “Most locations are creating events that get more people involved,” Ballman said. “It’s not just an extra customer, but it’s more fun added to the mood of Applebee’s in St. George.”

    Ballman said he has noticed a change in the work environment as a whole, as well as additonal customers.

    “A lot more cutomers come in just to enjoy a cheap, entertaining night with their friends, but our employees get a kick out of working these nights too,” Ballman said.

    Employee Brittany Boring said she loves having to work on karaoke nights because of the music.

    “I like karaoke because I like music and I can listen to it while I am working,” she said.

    Across the board, most come for karaoke night. Darius Matthews, a freshman general education major from West Jordan, said he goes for the laughter and the food.

    “So many people think they are actually good singers, so it keeps me entertained,” Matthews said. “The real reason to go is for half price appetizers. It’s an awesome deal.”

    Corey Christiansen, a junior computer science major from Sandy, said he goes to sing his heart out.

    “I just go up there and use a mixture of singing and shouting,” Christiansen said. “It’s my way of showing that I am the best at karaoke, and everyone knows it.”

    Ballman said if you are not much of a singer, at least come for appetizers.

    “A lot of people come in for a pre-midnight snack because it’s cheap,” Ballman said. “You can get an appetizer for a meal also, which does make it an even better deal if you ask me.”

    Ballman and Boring both agreed that Bingo is sometimes overlooked. Boring said she joins in on the fun on her nights off.

    Whether it’s the free entertainment or the discounted food, people across the nation are joining the Applebee’s sensation. Karaoke night is every Tuesday starting at 9 p.m. and Bingo night is every Thursday.