Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:50 pm

FoodSpace: Campus food truck serves monster deals


We see it, we hear it and we smell it.

It is the biggest vehicle on campus and receives the least amount of attention from students. The Beast is Dixie State University’s own food truck. It can be seen parked various places on campus with its inviting music and appealing graphics. However, I seldom see anyone buying food.

Originally purchased by DSU in April 2012, it is fully self-contained with refrigeration, grills, hand sinks and propane.

Martin Peterson, director of campus dining services, oversees use of the truck.

“Our No. 1 reason for purchasing the vehicle was for emergency preparedness,” Peterson said. “We wanted to be able to provide food and water here on campus if necessary.”

Although the main focus was to help in case of disaster, Peterson felt the truck should be put to more use on campus and serve students good food conveniently between classes.

One Thursday when leaving a workshop from the Browning building, I caught the smell of a charbroiled burger. It reminded me of warm weather and summertime. I followed the smell right to The Beast and ordered a burger with Swiss cheese, lettuce, pickles and spicy barbecue sauce. It was done well in six minutes for $2.28.

Now I have to say, this honestly was one of the best tasting items I have eaten on campus. It was hot, tasty, juicy and inexpensive. It definitely lived up to the smell that caught my attention. The only thing I would change is the box in came in. It was a nice box but cumbersome while I ate my burger on the way to class.

The menu has evolved since The Beast’s inception a year ago. The choices then were based on the name of the truck but were not as cost effective for students. Smaller portions help lower food cost. The Beast has done this without compromising quality or taste.

“When you think beast, you think big,” Peterson said. “A big charbroiled burger with onion straws and cheese for $5 proved to be too expensive for our students.”

The menu has been changed to cater to students with a large appetite and a small budget. A burger with lettuce and a pickle can now be purchased for $1.69 or two for $2.99. Swiss or cheddar cheese can be added for 59 cents. 

The menu offers burgers, hot dogs, french fries and drinks. It is available to view on DSU’s website.

Peterson and his staff will be conducting a focus group this month to assess the needs of our students.

My recommendation to you, our students, is give our food truck your support. If you are looking for good food fast that is modestly priced, The Beast is the best option for your time and money. Supporting your campus dining services is just a byproduct of what you ultimately receive from The Beast.