Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:50 pm

Men’s golf team ready for PacWest


With the Dixie State University men’s golf team at a tournament in Washington, it has some high hopes for the Pacific West conference championship.

The season is rapidly coming to a close, and the men’s golf team is getting ready for the PacWest conference championship tournament.

“We are running drills everyday and preparing ourselves mentally,” said Austin Zetting, a freshman general education major from Draper. 

Red Storm golfers agree that the team is doing well but could definitely do better.

“We have had our ups and downs, but we are going to pull it together and make nationals,” said Hayden Christensen, a sophomore business major from Vancouver, Wash.

Christensen is confident the team will do well in the PacWest conference tournament.

“We expect to win it, of course, but mainly just focus shot by shot,” Christensen said. “As long as we focus on how good we really are, we can win it.”

Jesse Porch, a junior communication major from Florence, Mont., said the Red Storm is hoping to place in the top three.

Red Storm golfers say Kenny You is a noticeable player.

“He is a freshman that has really stood out because he has exceeded expectations for a freshman,” Porch said.

Zetting had a similar opinion.

“Kenny, he is No. 1 and a freshman, and he always plays solid,” Zetting said.

You is a freshman from Sandy. He came to DSU from Alta High School.

The men’s golf team is currently in Dupont, Wash., playing in the Saint Martin’s University Preview Invite. Christensen said the Washington tournament is great practice for the PacWest championship. He also said it is giving the team a good idea of what the competition will look like.

The men on the team are optimistic they can pull together and do well at the PacWest conference tournament. The team members know, like any team, they could be better, but they also know what it takes to bring home the win. The Storm plan to try their hardest, play their best and hopefully make it all the way to nationals.

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Written by Mazie Ludlow