Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:50 pm

DSU to host wrestling championship


Dixie State University is guaranteed to host next year’s wrestling West Coast Conference Championship after taking No. 2 in the West Coast Tournament.

DSU went to the West Coast Conference Championship on March 2 at California Baptist University in Riverside, Calif., where it saw nothing short of success. All 10 members who wrestled for DSU ranked in the tournament. The Storm took second place overall with 113 points, and California Baptist University took first.

There were six teams represented at this tournament; California Baptist University, Dixie State University, Sacramento State University, University of Southern California, University of Utah, and University of California Santa Barbara.

The winning school is chosen to hold the tournament on its own mat the next year. But because CBU will no longer be in the West Coast Conference, runner-up DSU will hold the championship in 2014.

“I think the team is ridiculously good, and we will only be better next year,” said wrestler Aaron Camis, a senior business major from Big Piney, Wyo. “Dixie should add a team with a winning record, and congrats to all the Dixie wrestlers; you’re a bunch of beasts.”

Dixie’s wrestling is currently only at a club status. The men are hoping to achieve a team status next year

Brian Curtis, a junior 194-pound wrestler, took No. 1 in his weight class with a pin along with Matt McDonald, a senior 165-pound wrestler, who had three pins.

Also scoring major points for Dixie in this tournament were freshman Lewis Wilde, a 157-pound wrestler; Jalen Weaver, a freshman 184-pound wrestler; and Hunter Murray, a freshman 174-pound wrestler.  All took No. 2 in their weight class.

“Overall I thought we did well,” head coach Brian Pace said. “We have guys that work out here every day for free, basically. They are not on scholarship. They are asked to be here and they do what they are asked.”

DSU had five men who qualified for nationals in Alan, Texas.

That is where all the NCWA clubs get together and see who is the best in Division I and in Division II.

“Obviously we wanted a little bit more; we wanted everyone to go,” Pace said. “But there is a cost that comes with that, which means we have to fund raise and find ways to get to nationals.”

DSU had the choice to go to nationals on an individual basis. Though some of the men qualified, they all chose not to go because of the expense.

“I just hope that everybody gets on board and realizes what we have done to bring wrestling to Dixie State [University] and get it recognized,” Pace said.

Pace said he is excited to host the tournament. He said he hopes people will be supportive of it.