Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:49 pm

Diversity at DSU somewhat lacking


Though Dixie State University places a major emphasis on diversity, it is something the college is seriously lacking.

Diversity is an extremely important to have on any college campus, as it opens your eyes to different situations of living. 

The people at the Multicultural/Diversity Center at DSU know that and try to emphasize diversity. According to its catalogue, the diversity center operates under the idea that every person’s unique life experiences enrich campus life and add a profound element to a true education.

However, that ideal has not been achieved. DSU is home to both a Gay-Straight Alliance and a Pagan Ideology club, to name some of the more diverse clubs on campus. But these clubs are not avidly accepted on campus.

Most students on campus are Caucasian, heterosexual and LDS. To be clear, none of these characteristics are bad. 

Students at DSU are generally accepting—at least, those I’ve met are. However, in some of my classes I’ve learned that a few students have condemned anything that makes DSU diverse.

If protests are going on against possible racism, they’ve got a negative opinion that those protesting are just making things up. If other religious clubs that are non-affiliated with the Mormonism are hosting an event, these select students have judged them harshly, and have said nasty things about said club.

DSU is well on its way to becoming a culturally diverse campus—we’ve got dedicated people to ensure that. However, it’s up to the students, on an individual level, to be more accepting toward anyone who’s not like them. Without the students’ efforts, any diversity DSU achieves will be squandered.

The easiest way to become more accepting is to make friends.

Make friends with someone who isn’t part of your religion or who doesn’t come from the St. George. Go to events hosted by the Multicultural/Diversity Center. These events are geared toward opening students’ eyes to other cultures and ways of life.

If you do meet people who have cultures different from your own, do not write them off, and do not judge them. Talk to them, ask them questions. Learn from the different people you interact with. Once the students become more open to different ideals, beliefs and ways of life, the diversity on campus will flourish.