Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:49 pm

DSC community awaits inevitable growth


Students are looking forward to the opportunities available that come with university status. 

The city of St. George and Dixie State College have steadily grown. With growth comes new businesses and higher student enrollment. Now that DSC is becoming a university, many feel St. George and DSC will continue to grow.

Students hope that more businesses will be attracted to St. George because of the university atmosphere.

“I think it would be sweet if we had a new mall,” said Macklin Johnson, a sophomore engineering major from Mayfield.

Improvements to the mall seem to be a common topic among students. 

However, some feel that the town will not grow significantly with the new university status.

“I do not see much change in malls and other stores in the area,” said Chris Brooks, a junior physical therapy major from Santa Clara.

Brooks said that St. George is a small town and is not appealing to big businesses because of the limited amount of consumers.

Students are also looking forward to the recognition and advantage they will receive from graduating from a university instead of a state college.

Johnson said students feel more accomplished going to a university instead of a college. With a university degree, they will be able to advance in schooling easier, and  help students in the future when they are applying for jobs.

“Adding ‘university’ to any application will make you look more credible,” said Carlos Morgan, a junior communication major from Santa Clara.

Both Morgan and Johnson said DSC has the potential to become a highly respected university. When potential students hear about the success that students have at DSC, they will want to come to St. George for their education, which will make the school seem more legitimate.

With the new growth and university status, teachers are saying that more degrees will be added.

Derek Campbell, DSC football coach and physical education teacher said, “The number of degrees will increase as the school grows, giving the students more options.”

While these students and staff are excited and ready for the changes that will be coming, they all said it will take time before St. George and DSC reach their full potential.

“The ideas will be put into place soon, but it will take time before we see a dramatic change,” said Mckenzie Hauver, a freshman physical therapy major from Overton Nev said. 

As gradual and natural as the changes may come, students, staff and community members are ready and will be anxiously waiting. When the college grows so will the city, and St. George could become a major university town.

“The changes will be gradual,” Campbell said, “but Dixie State will continue to grow, and when that happens the city of St. George will grow, as well as opportunities for students.”