Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:49 pm

Apology for DSC’s past anticipated with upcoming Trustees vote


Some are calling for Dixie State College to apologize for the past.

The recommendations are in, and with the word “Dixie” included in four of the five names suggested by Sorenson Advertising, the odds are against those who favor a total rebrand. 

Steve Johnson, DSC director of public relations, said the topic must be acknowledged if the school is to successfully move forward as a university, but whether or not an official apology is going to be issued is yet to be seen.

“The discussions have been warranted,” he said. “I see it as a positive because there are issues that need to be addressed…but it’s unfair to paint [the situation] with such a broad brush, trying to link the past incidents with [DSC] as it is currently instituted.”

Johnson said it could be difficult apologizing on behalf of administration, faculty, staff and students who no longer teach at or attend DSC. 

Dixie Sun News asked Facebook users and students on campus, “Do you think Dixie State College should issue an apology for emulating the Confederate south in the past?” Eighty-one students responded to the survey.

The majority of those polled said no apology was needed. Of the 52 people who thought an apology was unnecessary, most said they thought so because any past indiscretions aren’t the fault of the current students and faculty. 

“I don’t see any reason why an apology would be needed,” responded Kamron Braunberger, a junior communication major from St. George. “It’s not like we are suggesting that, by keeping the name, we are associating with the idea to recede from the Union.”

Seventeen of those polled said the college should issue an apology.

“It’s not really good for our black students to be emulating a country that revolted because of slavery,” responded David Anderson, a freshman general education major from Waldorf, M.D.

Twelve people said they were apathetic on the issue. 

“I just don’t care,” responded Steve Cemprola, a freshman accounting major from Kenvil, N.J. “What’s done is done.”

There is no word yet as to when, and if, an official apology will be issued.

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