Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:49 pm

Campus TV screens utilized for promos, activities


TV screens are a normal aspect of each person’s day, but the TV screens at Dixie are unlike many others.

Most buildings on campus now have televisions installed in the hallways and common areas to help students get informed about activities, events, promotions and more.

“What better place to find information than watching a TV?” said Chris Snyder, director of TV advertising on campus. “We are trying to start an initiative or program to help get out there what Dixie has to offer. A lot of students don’t know what is offered and going on at campus.”

Frank Lojko, vice president of student services, said Dixie State College recently invested money for the screens and is starting to push the service.

The televisions use software called CoolSigns that allows multiple-framed sections and interactive media to provide a service unique to Dixie.

“There are so many endless possibilities you can do with the CoolSigns software,” Snyder said. “We can do remote triggers. We can have TVs in certain buildings play something while others are playing different info in other buildings. We can do live feeds, or whatever.”

Lojko said the screens will have advertisements with QR codes for students to use with their smart phones. Students can access additional content from these QR codes.

Snyder said they will be implementing awards and prizes with some aspects of the screens in the near future.

“We are trying to come up with a raffle to see how many students are paying attention to the TVs,” Snyder said. “We might even throw in an iPad, and I’m sure we will get more and more prizes.”

People interested in using the TV service can contact Snyder via email at to get information about using the service.

Lojko said those with DSC affiliated business are welcome to use the service.