Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:49 pm

Students grade semester exeprience


Students around campus are sealing in their future when it comes to grades and so is Dixie State College.

One hundred students were asked what grade they would give back to the school in four areas: teachers, student government, sports and social life.

Teachers and student government reach the higher end of the spectrum, but social life and sports still receive an overall passing grade.

Collin Wilson, a junior communication major from Dallas, said he really enjoys his teachers.

“They are always willing to help if you give them the chance,” Wilson said. “You just have to be willing to ask for it.” 

Wilson gave his teachers an A for his overall experience, and the rest of the student body almost agrees by grading them with an A-.

Victoria Baird, a freshman general education major from Prescott, Ariz., said she likes what the student government has done with every activity.

“I really like the idea of Thurs’D’ [activities],” Baird said. “It gets me out of the house, and they always plan something exciting.”

Baird graded generously compared to other students by giving student government an A, and as a whole, student government received a B+.

Brynn Peterson, a freshman general education major from Monroe, said she often gets bored at sporting events.

“The football games were uneventful,” Peterson said. “Then the student section just seemed like one big clique that left other students out, so all in all, sporting events were boring.”

While some felt the same about sports, others loved them.

Brandon Monson, a general education major from West Jordan, said he loves all of the sporting events he’s gone to.

“You can either choose to get into the crowd with everyone, or you can sit off and do your own thing,” Monson said. “But no matter what, people will include you as long as you get as pumped as they do.”

Monson said he also loved the quality of the teams.

“They play hard, especially the basketball team,” Monson said.

Peterson graded sports with a D, but Monson gave them an A. The results averaged a B-.

Social life received the lowest grade with a C.

Aaron Anderson, a freshman general education major from West Valley, said he felt like the social life was a drag.

“I don’t have chances to meet people, so I always get stuck doing the same boring things,” Anderson said. “I pretty much have to throw my own parties, or no one else will.”