Last Updated: November 18, 2012, 11:08 am

‘Breaking Dawn’ left much to be desired


When “Breaking Dawn Part I” was finally over, I reminded myself that it wasn’t really over. At least, it wasn’t over until it was over.

Well, I have some good news: It’s over.

“Breaking Dawn Part II” was a relief and a disappointment.

I got a tiny taste of a delicious story that I wanted desperately to finish. I got a sensory overload of unnecessary dramatization that distracted from that tiny portion. It was something like a small forkful of pumpkin pie covered, not in whip cream, but cayenne pepper.

I felt that a beautiful, poignant and symbolic story was hiding just out of sight.

I think the real story had something to do with belonging, true love and redemption. It might have been a statement about humanity and our place in this world. In any case, I could only catch a glimpse here and there. 

In the book it was hidden because Bella, the narrator of the book, was too close to the story to see its beauty clearly. She was too blinded by her own insecurity and her obsession with Edward to see the story and what it meant in the big picture.

In the movie, you are distracted by sudden and shoddy transitions that jolt you out of the middle of one scene and into another.

Also, the fuzzy plot cues leave one feeling lost and confused. Luckily, I had read the books and seen the previous movies, so I had something of a map to rely on. I knew the history and the storyline, and often I clung to that prior knowledge as the film took twists and turns from scene to scene without any indication at all..

Something else that distracted from the meaning of the movie: unnecessary bedroom scenes.

As much as Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are admired and desired by crazed fans worldwide, I really have no desire to see them naked. Ever. Especially on the big screen. Thanks for the show, Rob and Kristen, but if I wanted my own porn movie, I would get one. You two would not be in it. 

Also, remember those awesome fight scenes you saw in the trailers? Ha. That’s all I’m going to say, “Ha.” Let’s just say it’s a major twist – or not.

A long, five-part movie franchise has come to its end and somehow, through all of that, the beauty, redemption and humanity in the story was glossed over—let’s be honest: painted over with highly toxic lead paint—for the sake of teen romance. It’s a tragic waste.

When the credits rolled and characters, major and minor alike, were nearly eulogized on the big screen, I felt a surging sense of relief. Yes, the disappointment is over. The obsessive romance, the dramatization, the unhealthy-relationship promotion, and the bad role-modeling is finally over. 

I loved the story in spite of the movie and the characters and the transitions. That means I rate “Breaking Dawn Part II” two out of five stars.

Such a pity that the story I saw unfold on the screen was not nearly the equal of the timeless, poignant story it could have been.