Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:48 pm

Final few steps being taken toward university status


Dixie State College has grown past the realm of a small-town college, and the transition toward achieving university status is in progress. 

“We have seen remarkable growth and development at Dixie State College over the past five years,” DSC President Stephen Nadauld said in a press release. “The growth in enrollment, the addition of baccalaureate degrees, and the development of the physical campus set the stage for the possibility that Dixie State should be considered a university.”

The Utah State Board of Regents is meeting on campus Jan. 25 to recommend DSC be granted university status. At that point, the decision will be put into the Utah State Legislature’s hands from January to March.

“We’re waiting until Jan. 25, when the regents are on our campus, and then they have to vote to recommend Dixie State College be granted university status,” said Steve Johnson, director of public relations. “That’s the first step. Second step is going to be the legislature passing the legislation to approve it. We can’t even talk about what we’re going to do until step one and step two have been completed.”