Last Updated: January 2, 2018, 7:16 pm

Mall gets rocked, Ambassadors win it


    Led by a genie and a manic monkey, the Dixie State College student Ambassadors won the Homecoming Rock the Mall.

    The Ambassadors weren’t the only organization to choose an “Aladdin”-themed performance, but the large group used tight choreography and radiant costumes to win the event.

    Following the Ambassadors, who went first, was no easy task—particularly in the cool afternoon wind that pounded on the faces and spandex of many participants. The DSC Student Alumni Association, though, included guitars and drums in their performance; they may not have played the instruments, but they enthused the Encampment Mall crowd Buddy Holly-style.

    The Circle K and Latter-day Saints Student Association dropped out of Rock the Mall, and the last four groups had to execute their routines to the fullest extent to beat the Ambassadors and SAA.

    X-Club showed the audience a whole new world with Aladdin and “Jasmine” taking a magic carpet ride across DSC, New York and Arabia; She Club went back to the ’90s and thrift-shopped to “Barbie Girl.” DSC Student Government used a choral arrangement, cloaks, spandex and rapping in Eastern European accents to challenge the Ambassadors, but even the witty lyrics and fun choreography of the Dental Hygiene Program couldn’t keep the judges from picking the Ambassadors.

    In the end, X-Club took third, Student Government took second and the Ambassadors won the grand prize. Before heading to Pizza Factory to chow down and bask in glory, the Ambassadors gave an encore performance that was as equally as impressive as the first.