Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:48 pm

Friendship after romance plausible, not probable


Don’t go near her! She’s got cooties!

Cooties was a term used by children to indicate an invisible disease that could be passed from boy to girl or girl to boy. The disease left no side effects, but it seems to be the best insult to use from kindergarten to fifth grade.

In college, exes seems to have the same morbid disease they once had as kids, and this disease is viewed as untouchable, unsafe and psycho until further notice.

Chris Bowcut, a sophomore general education major from Brigham City, said all women are psycho right after a breakup.

“I believe that you can never be friends after a breakup, unless they stop being psycho,” Bowcut said. “If you have them on any social websites you should delete [your ex] right away.”

Bowcut, firm in his belief, said exes can be friends, but not for a long time.

Matt McArthur, a sophomore general education major from Brigham City, said it takes time to heal the past and form a good relationship with an ex.

“You can stay friends with some of your exes as long as the relationship ends OK,” McArthur said. “It does take time, but all I’m saying is that in some cases you’re bound to be friends again.”

McArthur, said his worst breakup was when he hooked up with a girl and she got engaged a week later.

“That’s when you know you can’t be friends again,” McArthur said. “It was weird.”

Tyson Butterfield, a sophomore general education major from Brigham City, said never be friends with an ex if he or she has a significant other.

“All it does is harm a relationship if your girlfriend knows you still talk to an ex,” Butterfield said. “There may be nothing between you two, but she will think there is.”

Butterfield said it’s also a good idea to stay away from exes who only cause problems in your current life.

“If they’re meddling in your business, you need to stay away,” Butterfield said.

Braquel Buckley, a junior communication major from Taylorsville, said you can be friends with your exes, but only if the breakup was mutual.

“If emotions are too high to think rationally about the situation, then you shouldn’t be friends right away,” Buckley said. “Honestly, you might never be able to be friends again. It all depends on the relationship.”

Like fresh wounds, an initial breakup should be handled with care. Dixie State College students believe exes can be friends in the right situation, but like that fresh wound, time is needed to mend past hurt.

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