Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:48 pm

DC started superhero mania, keeps it going


Comics have been a big part of my life since, I don’t know, forever. 

My collection of “Batman,” “Spiderman,” “X-Men,” “Green Lantern” and “Justice League” comics speak for themselves. Everyone’s vocabulary could use a little kick, from the POW!’s to the THUD!’s that come soon after Robin’s butt-kicking skills. People deserve to have this kind of literature in their lives.  

There are a lot of comparisons between the “Justice League” and “The Avengers,” and as of right now, anyone who has seen the movies would say “The Avengers” would win. You just wait until the “Justice League” movie comes out. I am preparing to have my mind blown.

My theory is that DC was just waiting for Marvel to have its moment to shine and then, BAM! DC releases all of its movies.

DC is in the process of creating a movie for The Flash, Wonder Woman and potentially Aquaman.  And the new “Superman” movie comes out next summer. 

As of right now, Marvel has made more money off its movies, but that’s because they just came out with four movies in the last two years, whereas DC has only come out with two. 

You can’t strictly go off movies. It goes much deeper than that. So how about the heroes themselves?

I cannot think of a better superhero than Batman, and say what you want about him not being a “super” hero because of his lack of super powers. Who said the super in superhero stood for supernatural? The prefix “super” means surpassing others, meaning he is larger than just an average hero. Therefore, Batman is in fact, a superhero. 

Batman also has some of the most memorable villains, from the Joker, to Poison Ivy to Bane. DC just has a way of creating memorable characters.

Then you look at Marvel’s equivalent to Batman, and what do you get? Ironman. Tony Stark may be one of the most self-centered heroes I have ever seen. Yeah, he saves the world, but he does it for the fame that comes afterward.

DC has a wide range of variety when it comes to characters. They have everything from real human beings (Batman), to gods of the sea (Aquaman).

DC created iconic characters for everyone. You have Wonder Woman, who is this Amazon woman protecting the women of the world and standing for moral courage, or the Flash, whose super human speed protects the greater good. They are super heroes that can, in many ways, be looked up to. 

DC is where everything started. “Superman Action Comics” and “Batman Detective Comics” were the first comic book series ever written. They started back in the 1930s and are still some of the biggest heroes known to the world. These guys set the standard for comics.

Classics are classic, and DC plans to keep it that way.