Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:48 pm

Sand volleyball courts fill with competitive, leisurely players


Sand volleyball is a popular activity among the students of Dixie State College, but although some go out to play for fun, others show no mercy in the sand box.

These courts are for public use, and there aren’t many nights you don’t see them crowded with people.

Colton Morris, a freshman computer science major from South Jordan, said a lot of people have to wait their turn because of the amount of people wanting to play. 

“I think the main problem is how many people come because you get there and there are millions of people everywhere, and you have to wait for your turn and then if you lose you have to wait again,” Morris said.

People who want a spot on the court have to plan accordingly, or there is a small chance of getting any playing time.

But those beach players who plan their whole day around playing at the courts don’t miss that chance, and freshman Tyler Munson, a psychology major from South Jordan, said it’s better to play competitive sand volleyball than to be relaxed about it.

“If you’re being competitive and you win, it’s such a great feeling,” Munson said. “You feel like you’re on top of the world. I like playing volleyball competitively. Even if we just come out here for fun I like to be competitive just because it’s more fun and people actually try harder and you get better.” 

Justin Phillips, a freshman general education major from Riverton, said being on the competitive side of things is a whole different experience.

“If we are being competitive, we just run on our own adrenaline,” Phillips said. “A testosterone check, I guess.  We’re way crazy.”

Nights on the sand for chill players, though, is a different story.

“We’re more lenient,” said freshman Beaver Ho Ching, a general education major from Sandy. “We laugh when we mess up, and we don’t get pissed at the world. We just play for fun.”

Ho Ching said he favors playing relaxed volleyball because the competitive players make it less enjoyable.

“We just come to play for fun, but there are some people who get pretty competitive out here,” Ho Ching said. “They get on my bad side sometimes. They take it too seriously. They don’t just let us play.” 

Charlie Ho Ching, a sophomore general education major from American Samoa, said anger isn’t something he looks for when playing a night of sand. 

“It’s fun if people aren’t too serious and get mad all the time,” Charlie Ho Ching said. “If they’re just out here to play for fun then it’s cool.”

Whether students are out there to play for fun or for pure competition, there are ways everyone can be happy.  There are sand courts around town people can play on, and if the relaxed players want to get away from the intense competition, there is always the option of going to a different court to enjoy time with your friends.

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