Last Updated: January 2, 2018, 7:15 pm

Foundation Giving Hope to Others Everyday


    A new baby is said to be the beginning of all things, hope, and a dream of possibilities. St. George had the opportunity last weekend to host the “March for Babies” of the March of Dimes, the well-known group that makes pregnancy and parenting possible for many families. “March of Dimes is a non-profit foundation that has been very successful in obtaining research dollars, to help prevent prematurity, prevent birth defects, and infant mortality,” says Cindy Woolley, Development manager for the Utah Chapter.

    One hundred and fifty people came to celebrate in the March for Babies in Utah’s Dixie. Participants of the March raised money to support programs in our community that help mothers have healthy, full-term pregnancies. All the money raised at this event, funds research to make life and joy for families a possibility.

    The celebration included music, dancing, and raffle prizes. But, most importantly laughter, joy, and the gift of life.

     One family in particular got to experience the joy of their child’s life because March of Dimes,  made that possible. Sixteen month old, Sofi Calder, was in the hospital for 100 days before she could come home. Born at 1.4 pounds, she was not expected to live. But  because of this foundation, she knows what love, family, and home is. 

    “At 18 weeks Sarah’s water broke and went into the dr. and said we should expect that our baby won’t make it. We have a great appreciation for life and the small advances she makes,” says parents of Sofi

    This group of people did not let anything stand in their way. Even after having to relocate the event due to the weather, the party still continued.

    The celebration included music, dancing, and raffle prizes. But most importantly laughter, joy, and the gift of life.The March of Dimes opens many doors across the nation for endless possibilities.