Last Updated: January 2, 2018, 7:14 pm

Local Trucking Company Proud of UHP Crosses


    Several crosses honoring fallen Utah Highway Patrol officers have been moved to new land after a state judge ruled the symbols as meshing state and religion.

    Members of The American Athiests Inc. sued the state of Utah in 2005 for posting the Roman crosses on state land and bearing the UHP insignia on each symbol. After a nearly seven year battle, the crosses have been ordered to be placed on private land and have their Utah Highway Patrol insignias removed.

    Local CEO and President of DATS Trucking, Don Ipson, told SUN News the crosses on his property are here to stay. “We’ve had 14 crosses on our property next to I-15 since 2007,” Ipson said, “and as long as I own this business, they’re not going anywhere.”

    Ipson’s respect for men and women who have served is reflected into his personal life.

    “I have worked closely with the Utah Highway Patrol in their trainings and I have a great respect for their service and the service of those who have fallen.”

    When asked about the court’s ruling to remove the insignias, Ipson replied, “When I am formally asked to remove the insignias, I plan to do it.”