Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:47 pm

Washington County Election Results


At least two-thirds of the St. George City Council will remain intact after Tuesday’s election. 

Incumbents Jon Pike and Gil Almquist were both re-relected while incumbent Gloria Shakespeare is being given a run for her money by challenger Jimmie Hughes in a very close race. 

As of Wednesday morning the preliminary results show that Gloria Shakespeare sits with 3,474 (15.5 percent) total votes, while Jimmie Hughes is currently holding on to a slight lead with 3,578 votes, or 16 percent.

Pike and Almquist both eased into victory. Pike has 4,832 (21.56 percent) votes, while Almquist has 4,166 (18 percent). 

In Washington City, Kress Staheli with his count of 1,443 (24.57 percent) had nearly 400 more votes than second place finisher Jeff Turek who finished with 1,046 (17.81 percent). Ron Truman finished third with 1,029 votes. 

Ivins City Council’s race was won by George E. Elwell, Jr. who had 21.05 percent of the votes. Ron Densley and Lesley Mendenhall each finished just over 17 percent of the count. 

In Santa Clara City, David P. Whitehead finished a top the list with 470 (24.8 percent) of the total votes, while Mary Jo (Tode) Hafen finished second on the list with 429 votes, or 22.64 percent. The battle for third place was very close between Herbert K. Basso (finished with 309) and Bill Jacobsen (303 votes). 

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