Last Updated: January 2, 2018, 7:13 pm

Bee Experts Call I-15 Accident ‘Major Tragedy’


    Though no humans were seriously injured Sunday, the semi crash on I-15 is being labeled as a major tragedy because of the number of bees lost during the accident. 

    “That truck probably had upward of 300-400 hives, it is most likely a lot of those bees won’t survive,” Pest control specialist Wade Beatty told SUN News.

    Reports say that upwards of 25 million bees were on the loose after the semi carrying them crashed around mile marker 5.

    “Bees are a beneficial insect,” Washington County Bee Inspector Casey Lofthouse told SUN News, “They pollinate millions of dollars worth of crops each year.”

    “When a bee loses its queen or tries to mesh with other colonies, it is most likely that it will die,” Beatty said, “They are such a useful creature, it is sad to see so many die.”

    The remaining bees will be kept safe until their owner is able to retrieve them.