Last Updated: January 2, 2018, 7:13 pm

Utah Governor Optimistic About Dixie’s Growth


Every city has a special beacon which sets the example for growth, prosperity and innovation. Utah Governor Gary Herbert paid a special visit to Dixie and told SUN News what he thinks southern Utah’s beacon really is.

“Dixie State College is really moving along and is the headquarters for growth in Dixie,” Herbert said, “I feel like there is a lot going on here, moving us toward a more healthy economy.”

Student enrollment has increased dramatically over the last few years, welcoming new innovations and construction on the campus. President Stephen Nadauld thinks recent design plans may have something to do with the college’s growth.

“We have so many plans for so our school, and they are all falling into place,” Nadauld said, “From outdoor study areas with built in wifi to this beautiful new commons building, we really are working to become as unique as possible.”

Dixie State is well on its way to achieving university status within the next few years.