Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:47 pm

Man Arrested on Charges of Attempted Murder


Police responded to a call this morning of a reported stabbing in St. George.

The call, which was made by 21-year-old Otis Maloney, came in at 11:05 Thursday morning. Maloney told dispatch that he had stabbed his mother.

When officers reported to a residence at the 2500 East block of 1240 South Circle, they took Maloney into custody. The victim, Otis Maloney’s mother, was treated by paramedics before being transported to the hospital. The injuries appeard to be non-life threatening. 

According to Captain James Van Fleet of the St. George Police Department, officers on scene learned the acts of violence broke out after Otis and his mother had reportedly gotten into an argument about a cell phone. Maloney then allegedly stabbed his mother multiple times with a kitchen knife. 

Maloney was booked into Washington County Purgatory on charges of attempted murder.