Last Updated: January 2, 2018, 7:12 pm

Southern Utah Heroes Return Home to Warm Welcome


    A year’s worth of support and medical attention in Afghanistan culminated Wednesday for St. George soldiers– and the homecoming was a powerful one.

    The 971st Medical Logistics Company based throughout the state returned home after being debriefed in El Paso, Texas. Three of those soldiers who reside in southern Utah and Nevada received a warm welcome after a busy deployment.

    “It’s hard leaving every time we are set to deploy,” Sgt. Eugene Cash told SUN News, this being his third deployment since being married to his wife. “I love my country, and I love serving in the reserves.”

    The first time Sgt. Cash deployed while he was married, his youngest daughter was just a newborn child. “It was hard at first, having to re-introduce her to me,” Cash said. Since his time serving, his daughters have aged and they are proud of their father. “Our dad is so cool!” Cash’s daughters said.

    “He loves serving and I’m so proud of how well he does it,” Sgt. Cash’s wife Robyn said. “When I married him, i kind of knew what i was getting myself into. It’s worth the separation.”

    The next possible deployment for these men will be in December, for now they all plan to enjoy time with their loved ones and get back to normal life.