Last Updated: January 2, 2018, 7:12 pm

Dixie State Celebrates Major Milestone


    Over the past year Dixie State College has celebrated the school’s centennial. Dixie’s centennial has been the ongoing theme as student government’s slogan this year is “Team of the Century” and the Homecoming theme will be “From Pioneers to 100 Years.” 

    September 19 marks the birth of DSC and the 100th birthday party was held at the pavilion on campus. Members of student government drove up to the ceremony in a classic firetruck, followed by a 1911 Buick, and President Stephen D. Nadauld in a 2011 red Buick, to signify what can happen in 100 years.

    Since 1911 Dixie has gone through many changes. At the beginning the school was known as the St. George Academy, now it is on its way to become Dixie State University.