Last Updated: January 2, 2018, 7:11 pm

“Monday Night Football:” An American Tradition


    Football is back, and St. George gridiron fans turned out on Monday night to celebrate the 42nd season premiere of “Monday Night Football,” an American sporting tradition.

    Paul Webb, athletic trainer for Desert Hills High School, said he traditionally reserves Monday night for friends and football. “After work, when I called my wife, I said I’ve got to stop by Iggy’s– it is Monday night, Monday Night Football,” Webb said.

    The telecast has long been a cultural institution in America, and brings diverse audiences to the product, whether friends or families.

     St. George resident Brian Stratton said watching “Monday Night Football” is a family tradition. “Oh it’s awesome,” Stratton said. “We’re big football fans and we come here every time for “Monday Night Football.”

    Much of the NFL offseason news centered on talk about the labor situation. Despite concerns and rumors about missing an entire NFL season, football fans were happy to enjoy the NFL and its many products.

     “It doesn’t really effect us as long as prices don’t go extremely through the roof,” Webb said. “But other than that, the game is the game.”

     “As soon as it (football) was back on, we were right in front of the TV ready for it to go,” Stratton stated.

     The New England Patriots’ 38-24 victory over the Miami Dolphins earned a 10.6 rating with an average of 14,568,000 viewers watching the game, according to Nielsen ratings and ESPN.

     An estimated 27.2 million viewers watched the NFL opener between the Saints and the Packers, making it the second-highest rated opener in NFL history.