Last Updated: January 2, 2018, 7:11 pm

More Indicted in July Marijuana Bust


Eleven more men were indicted by the U.S. District Court Wednesday, joining the 21 people already charged in connection with the marijuana grow operation near St. George on July 16.

The new indictment brings the number to 32 people charged out of the 39 suspects who were apprehended at the site. Most of them are identified as Mexican nationals.

Authorities say the marijuana was being cultivated by a Mexican drug trafficking organization related to at least three marijuana grow operations seized by law enforcement agencies in 2010. Federal and local authorities removed more than 13,000 marijuana plants.

The additional indicted men are:

Huber Avalos-Segundo, 18.

Eustolio Soto-Ortiz, 20.

Ramiro Jose-Quiroz, 20.

Eduardo Gonzales-Dias, 25.

Rodrigo Arellano-Gurrola, 30.

Alfonso Perez-Serratio, 30.

Felix Rojas-Ramirez, 30.

Paulino Hernandez-Brito, 34.

Alfredo Lozano-Benitez, 40.

Jorge Soto-Ceballos, 47.

Lorenzo Villasenor-Aguilar.