Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:46 pm

City Council Candidates


Aside from a town council, many call city council the purest form of democracy in the country. And the Washington County City Council race is taking place soon. The deadline to submit an application this year was July 15, and the list of candidates is now available.

The candidates are:

St. George: Gil Almquist, James Joseph Atkin, Ed Baca, J. Bryan Dial, Tara Dunn, Jimmie Hughes, Sam Laub, Matt Mortenson, Jon Pike, Gloria Shakespeare, and DR Wall.

Washington: Jean Arbuckle, Daniel Drown, Dennis H. Gibson, Micheal L. Heaton, Justin Holbrook, Ben Martinsen, Ron Mayfield, Kress Staheli, Ron Truman, and Jeff Turek.


Hurricane: John Bramall, Eddie Campbell, Pam Humphries, Richard Hirschi, and Darin Thomas.

Santa Clara: Curtis T. Anderson, Herbert K. Basso, Mary Jo Hafen, Bill Jacobsen, Chad Jensen and David P. Whitehead.

Ivins:  Glen Andersen, Lance Burton Anderson, John V. Bremseth, Tim Bryan, JoAnne Cooper, Jr., Ron Densley, George E. Elwell, Rick Hawk, Deborah Kidder, Glenn Labrum, Claudette A. Larsen, Lesley Mendenhall and Lorrie Webster.


Toquerville: Ty Bringhurst, Daren Cottam, Paul Heideman, Anita Lowe, and Lynn Olds.


La Verkin: Richard M. Hirschi, Hugh J. Howard, Randy Loe Reeve, Brandon Stephenson, and Scott Stratton.


Springdale: For the 2-year seat: Louise Excell and Allan R. Staker. For the two 4-year seats: Mark Chambers, Kathy LaFave, Mike Marriott, and Robert E. Ralston.


Enterprise: Jared J. Bollinger, Darcy Holt, Eldon Hood, Barry Jones, C.R. Thelin and Mike Yardley.


Rockville: Steven W. Cox, Megan Honer-Orton, and Daniel McGuire.


The candidates for Virgin are not yet available.

The election will be held November 8, 2011, and will be conducted by mail-in ballots.