Last Updated: January 2, 2018, 7:10 pm

Cove Wash Marijuana Bust


    Efforts of the Washington County Area Task Force, Drug Enforcement Administration and several other federal, state and local agencies paid off today with a successful marijuana bust in Cove Wash near Veyo.

    Authorities say the marijuana was being cultivated by a Mexican drug trafficking organization related to at least three marijuana grow operations seized by law enforcement agencies in 2010.

    39 suspects were apprehended inside the grow, who were identified as Mexican nationals which are “suspected to be affiliated with a transnational drug trafficking organization based out of Southern California and Nevada” according to Detective Johnny Heppler of the St. George Police Department.

    Though numerous suspects were put into custody, police warn that there may be additional suspects still in the area, and they warn citizens to avoid picking up hitchhikers as well as to report any suspicious activity to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

    The exact number of marijuana plants is unavailable as of 6:00 Saturday evening.