Last Updated: January 2, 2018, 7:10 pm

Animal Abuse


    Cookie is a puppy that may look to be normal, but she’s one of few dogs diagnosed with a rare disease called distemper. The virus, like many others, can not be cured once had. But vaccinations during early stages of its spread can stop it. Spread by contact with multiple dogs, distemper is often fatal.

    But animal rights activists believe it had nothing to do with the other dogs Cookie was around, but more the way she was previously raised. Her past owners failed to feed and nourish Cookie for several weeks, nearly killing her until P.A.W.S. Co-Founder Mary Bemis took the dog in and nurtured her as much as she could.

    Now Cookie has been affected by distemper so badly, she can no longer see, hear, or smell — something so key do a dog’s survival that now Cookie must be hand fed by bottle.

    Cookie’s previous owner is set to appear in court soon, which animal rights activists plan to attend and protest the neglect Cookie received.