Employee Directory


 Employees of The Center for Media Innovation 


Bob Baumann 

Marketing Representative 



Stewart Baxter 

Marketing Representative 



Ben Braten 

Film Producer/Director 



Shawn Denevan 

Audio Production

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Luke Draper 

Film Producer/ Director 



Stace Hall 

News Director 

Communication Instructor 


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Dave Harris 

Broadcast Director 

Communication Instructor 


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Caroline Hood 

Assistant News Director 

Communication Instructor


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JR McRay 

Chief Engineer 

Director DSCTV 


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Christina Merrill 

Business Manager 


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Lani Puriri 

Director of Operations DOCUTAH


Lani currently serves as the Events and Grants Coordinator for the Center for Media Innovation (CMI), a professional media center serving students at Dixie State College. CMI divisions of media include radio, television, newspaper, digital film production, and a variety of new media. Additionally, Lani is very active in the St. George community serving on a variety of committees and boards.

Growing up in a household where progressive learning was encouraged gave Lani the opportunity to explore beyond her boundaries. A love for all ethnicities was instilled from a very young age and passion for a global connection was the result. Lani is galvanized by the opportunity to be directly connected to the world through DOCUTAH and its international films.


Phil Tuckett 

Director CMI 


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Phil is an associate professor at Dixie State College and the director of the Dick Nourse Center for Media Innovation. He is also the director of the digital film track in the communication department.

Prior to coming back to his alma mater to teach, Phil was vice president of special projects at NFL Films for 21 years. He was also a producer, director, and writer for NFL Films (1969 to 1986) and a journalist and professional athlete (1967 to 1969). Phil is the recipient of 30 Emmy Awards for shows like "Football America," "The 100 Yard Universe," "Autumn Ritual," and "Lost Treasures of NFL Films." He has also produced non-sports related programming like "Blood from a Stone" for the History Channel, "Faces of Evil" for TNT, and music videos for a wide variety of artists including B.B. King, Santana, Def Leppard, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Phil and his wife Judy also have their own production company, Bristlecone Films.



John Van Wagoner 

Production Coordinator 


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